Slave will purchase popcycle forms from the store. Slave will cum into one of the sections then fill it will Koolaid. Slave will repeat this each day until all 6 spots are filled. Once done slave has a reward. He can know eat his cum cycles over the next couple weeks. Enjoy. Each time slave is tasked with this increase the amount of cum in each slot. Never less then one full load per slot.


What is

Your tool for finding great ideas to build your Dominant / submissive relationship. Click the Task, Punishment or Reward buttons above to get started.

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To me BDSM is consensual control and submission. I choose to be pushed beyond my limits by a master I picked

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Humiliation play?

Humiliation can provoke a very visceral response and under the right conditions and with the right partner, there is an immediate sexual arousal attached to it.

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What is a Sex Slave?

In a simple sentence a sex slave is, someone who is owned or controlled by another person for the purposes of sexual pleasure.

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Eating Cum!

Turns out there is nothing unhealthy about it and the thought of eat ones own cum can be a great turn on.

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Christian slave?

In Gods view there is nothing wrong with BDSM in general. It’s the sub culture that often goes along with BDSM that cause the issues.

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Enjoing the Control?

For the slave it is rewarding to give someone control over them. Its not demeaning or abusive if they actually enjoy it.