Id Type Activity
274PunishmentMountain Dew is referred to as pee. Master or slave will pee in a cup and then mix pee with a full can of mt dew. Slave will drink like any other can of pop.
273PunishmentIf slave is not wearing underwear slave will put them on. Next time slave uses the restroom slave will leave there underwear on. Slave may ring or shake out underwear when done. Then put the underwear back on and wear till told otherwise.
272TaskSlave will craw from room to room whenever they are naked unless told other wise.
271TaskSlave needs more anal training. For the next week slave will wear a plug for several hours a day. Increasing the amount of time each day. Example: Day one slave will wear a plug for 2 hours. Day two slave will were it for 3 hours and so on. The goal is to loosen the ass and make it easier for the Master to abuse.
270PunishmentSlave will click the punishment button on this site. Slave will then perform the punishment taking a picture of the action. Slave will then send the picture to the admin of this site be displayed with the tasks
269TaskEveryday for a while your slave will take a humiliating picture, perhaps anal abuse, cum eating, or small penis. They will crop it and add any effect to enhance this image to make an award winning lock screen or wall paper. Slave will then send to the Master to be used with as she sees fit.
268PunishmentHas your slave been playing with their penis without permission. Or do you just want to see it locked up. If so 1 full day wearing their cage should bring some enjoyment to the master. Remember to insert the center tube as well. Might want to play with it some after its locked up.
267PunishmentLets work on the humiliation level. Before any and all bowel movements the slave will notify the Master and ask if she would like to watch. While wiping slave will get on the floor and clean with ass sticking up for all to see. Slaves need no form of privacy.
266PunishmentSlave needs potty training. Until told other wise slave will taste anything released from their body. Bowel movements included. Simply coat the finger and lick away.
265TaskMilking Contest: Tie your slave up and make him produce as much cum as possible in 30 min. Can you make him cum 3 or 4 times?
264TaskSlaves enjoy being on display. Why not create a timeless keep sake to remember your activities. Create a photo album of your slaves activities and have it printed at Shutter Fly.
263TaskSlave will push a Sharpie completely into their ass or vagina and leave it for for at least 2 hours. All the way!
262TaskFor the rest of the day, every hour slave will shove a Sharpie up their ass a few times and lick it clean.
261TaskSlave can pick a movie tonight but must watch the entire movie with their ass plugged or perhaps wearing a remote vibrator.
260TaskSlave gets to pick what we are watching on TV but must provide oral pleasure to the Master during every commercial break.
259TaskMaster will find a hair stylist who makes home visits. Master will set an appointment for slave to get their hair cut while fully nude.
258PunishmentSlaves lock screen will be a picture of the Master choosing for 1 week. This is the image anyone can see before you enter your password. Level of crime will decided level of humiliation.
257TaskSlave will design a humiliating iphone wallpaper to share in a forum and use as there wallpaper or lock screen till Master says otherwise.
256TaskDoes slave have a computer or a smart phone? Slave will find a picture or take a picture of them self in the most humiliating position they can think of. Slave will set that as there wallpaper on the computer and/or phone for 1 week, or till Master says they may change it.
255PunishmentSlave will use a razor, not an electric trimmer an old school razor and shave their ass. It needs to baby smooth. Don't forget to get between the checks.
254PunishmentSlave will wear clothes pins on their nipples for 1 hour. If clothing is needed they can be worn under their shirt.
253TaskSlave will rotate the tires and change the oil in their car with a ratchet wrench shoved up there ass. If it is removed slave will start the process over. When done slave will lick the ratchet clean. Slave should deep throat the ratchet while cleaning.
252TaskSlave will paint a room of the Masters choosing. Because slave is nothing but a toy for the Masters pleasure the slave will be nude and will keep a paint brush shoved up their ass.
251TaskSlave will purchase a disposable camera. Master will take on a photo shoot. Make sure to get humiliating pictures. Nude outside, in bondage, face down ass up with objects in the ass, mouth full of cum and anything else the Master desires. When camera is full, make slave take the camera to Walmart to get developed
250TaskTake your slave to PetSmart and make them try on and buy a new collar of your choosing. The slave needs to pay for it whatever the Master picks. The collar shows ownership and affection. Your slave should wear it with pride.
249TaskMaster will give the slave an enema. This the time the Master has to perform the act. Slave will knell face down on the floor lifting the ass up and spreading it open for the Master to fill with fluid of their choice.
248PunishmentFor the rest of the day anything the Slave eats must first be insert into their ass or pussy.
247TaskA Slave ass or pussy needs to be kept clean at all time. We feel it is time for a few water enemas. Three in a row should do it. Get the ass as full as possible and then force the slave to flush the water out, over and over. A clean slave is a health slave.
246TaskMake your male slave have sex with a blow up sex doll. Make him lick his 'New Toy' clean. A male sex doll might be very humiliating.
245TaskSlave will write and post a Craigslist ad looking to meet another couple in a Master/slave relationship. Slave will not respond to anyone. Slave will immediately forward all response to the Master to do with as she pleases. The goal is to find someone to talk to and share your life style.
244TaskWhile the slave plays with his penis, the Master gets on the phone and calls one of her girl friends and describes the slave's actions in humiliating detail. Maybe she's not really on the phone, but the slaves doesn't know.
243TaskThe slave must eat his own cum. This should be a basic requirement, omitted only when Mistress is feeling merciful. Not only is it very humiliating for most men, performing such an act immediately after coming, when desire and therefore submissiveness is at its lowest level, is difficult for many. Drinking it from a cupped hand and licking the hand clean is the simplest method, but squirting into a shot glass, drink, or cup of coffee can also be fun.
242TaskSlave will rent or buy a particularly embarrassing adult movie at an adult video store and write you a detailed essay on it, including the storyline, quotes from the movie, detailed descriptions of the actors, and have him/her include 5 things he liked about the film.
241PunishmentWhen slave wants to eat, make them cum in their own food before they can eat their meal.
240TaskTie slaves hands behind their back and have them kneel with knees spread naked in front of you while you read or watch TV, occasionally nudging their genitals with your shoes.
239TaskSlave must present their pussy and/or asshole to you, by spreading themselves wide. Apply mint toothpaste to the outside of their worthless holes.
238PunishmentSlave will wear their anal beads for 3 hour or longer. Slave will then remove the bed in front of the Master and clean with their mouth. Get a nice mouth full of your own waste.
237TaskIf consensual company is visiting, make them masturbate, but not orgasm, in the middle of the room for all to see.
236PunishmentSlave will cum on their own face and chest. Slave clean the house fully nude covered in their own cum.
235TaskSlave will not use the word ass. From now on it is his pussy. He is to ask the Master if she wants to watch him work his pussy. If he uses the word ass he is to be punished.
234TaskSlave needs to do more to show his submission. Slave will drop there pants and edge in front of the Master at least 4 times per day. Finger needs to be in there ass during this process.
233TaskWhen slave is told to "reveal and display" the slave will immediately at any location pull his pathetic penis out of zipper and lay it on the outside of pants and remain so for the pleasure of Master.
232TaskWhen the Master says "Down" slave will pull their pants down to there ankles, drop to there knees and place there forehead on the floor. Slave will remain in this position until told otherwise.
231TaskSlave will sleep with their genitals exposed. Slave will not cover them with a sheet or blanket. If it is to cold turn up the heat. Slaves genitals need to be exposed at all time to remind slave of there submission.
230PunishmentThe slave will keep his genitals bald and shave them regular intervals to show his submission Pubic hair is reserved for real men only.
229TaskMale slave will sit with legs spread whenever Master is in the room. This can be done in public. Genitals should always be very accessible to Master.
228PunishmentMale slave will never stand to use the bathroom again. Slave may clean the bathroom with cleansers from top to bottom, once. After that slave will clean the toilet seat with their tongue after every use.
227TaskIf slave comes inside of you, hold your pussy over his face letting his cum drain over him. Its his he should clean it up not you.
226TaskControlled Orgasms, Slave gets to flip a coin. Heads slave can orgasm, tails slave picks a random punishment from this site.
225TaskSlave will purchase and freeze a banana. Might want to peel before freezing. Slave will take the frozen banana and abuse there anus for at least 5 min, 15 is better. Slave will then eat the banana.
224TaskSlave will remove all clothing. Sitting or standing in front of the Master slave will lube, rub, play and make love to their own body for 30 min. Make sure to work the penis, testicles and anus. Slave will stay at the edge of climax but will not orgasm.
223TaskFor the rest of the day slave will not sit like an adult. Slave will lay their face on the floor and their ass straight up. Every few minutes slave will fuck their ass. Slave is free to lube and lick fingers or object after each time. Slaves ass should have some object in 90% of the time. Do not let the Master find the slaves ass empty of expect a punishment.
222TaskSlaves need to be health. Slave will work out fully nude with a plug up their ass. Between each set slave will edge. When possible legs are to be spread. When possible ass is to be in the air.
221TaskHead to a room of your choice. Leave the door open. Remove all clothing and coat your genitals in baby oil or olive oil. Proceed to shave your genitals facing the open door, legs spread wide. When finished you may sooth the skin with the lotion of your choice. Then take a permanent marker and write "Sex Slave, Property of Master xxxxx". Stay nude for the rest of the day.
220PunishmentSlave will wear clothes pins on there nipples or genital for 3 hours. Clothing may be worn to cover the clothes pins.
219TaskSlave will clean the bathroom including the tub and shower fully nude with a hair brush in there ass. Slave will stop throughout the process and edge. Goal is to keep the penis erect during the entire process.
218TaskSlave will cook a full breakfast. Slave will be fully nude wearing a collar and holding a spatula in their ass. Slave will serve the master breakfast. Slave will eat breakfast and then slave will do the dishes all with the spatula in their ass.
217TaskSlave will cum on Masters pussy and lick it clean and continue to lick Master till orgasm
216RewardSlave will lick Master till she orgasms
215RewardTake your slave to a public location. Make your slave strip down to nothing, then bend over and spread their ass. Take some great pictures of that ass spread wide out for the wold to see.
214TaskSpend no more then 1 hour online reading sex related stories. Copy and paste the section from one that turned you on the most into an email. Below that explain why it turned you on.
213TaskSlave will work their ass with a cucumber. When done slave will eat the cucumber.
212PunishmentSlave will cum in a glass or bowl. Slave will eat the cum leaving it in there mouth for at least 2 full minutes. After swallowing they will not eat or drink anything to remove the taste for at least 15 min.
211PunishmentSlave will lick Masters ass clean after she uses the bathroom, Master will not use toilet paper first. This is a punishment so get that mouth dirty.
210TaskPost a nude picture of the slave taken in Walmart to the People of Walmart website. Remember to blur your slaves face.
209TaskBus Ride! Slave will take a trip on the bus in a thong and a leash. Master will lead around.
208RewardSlave is free to masturbate when they wish and they do not have to eat their cum.
207TaskSlave will fully detail the masters car fully nude and ass plugged. This includes waxing and buffing as needed. If the child is not home the shop doors should be left open. Master might prefer the slave to keep there penis hard as well.
206PunishmentSlave will keep a silicone plug in for several hours. Every hour slave will remove the plug and look at the level of waste on it. If clean slave will insert it back in there ass. Repeat this till there is a build up of waste on the plug. Slave will then clean with their mouth.
205PunishmentFor 1 week slave will set there phones wallpaper to be a nude picture of the masters choosing. Anal penetration would be great.
204TaskCum Day! Every 3 hours slave will masturbate and ejaculate then eat all of their cum.
203PunishmentSlave will spend 45 min fully nude watching porn online and will not touch them self for any reason.
202TaskHair Cut - Have a stylist come to the house and trim the slaves hair while slave is wearing nothing but there underwear or fully nude.
201TaskThong Day! Slave will wear a thing and t-shirt for the entire day no mater where slave goes or who comes to the house.
200PunishmentOn a nice windy day slave will go outside fully nude and pee into the wind. Slave will be rewarded based on the amount of skin coverage.
199TaskSlave will walk around outside naked when it rains, or even better slave will dance naked in the rain
198TaskFor a defined amount of time when leaving a room slave well place their face on the floor, ass in the air and finger their ass for a while. Remember to lick the finger clean. Goal is to get that ass in the air in full view of all.
197PunishmentSlave will remove all clothing when going to the restroom. As expected the door will not be closed and stall will not be used unless required. Goal is to be as exposed as possible.
196PunishmentAfter having a bowl movement you are not allowed to use toilet paper. You may only use your hand and mouth. You will wipe with your hand and then lick your hand clean repeating as many times as needed.
195PunishmentSlave will pee in a glass and drink it.
194TaskWhen slaves pee's they will stick there finger in the stream and lick it there finger afterwards. Need to make sure the slave tastes their pee every time they go.
193RewardThis one is for the Master. Mail something to your slave and take special notice to the address label. To: My Submissive Pet, My Bitch Boy, My Sex Slave, My Perfect Slut... Make sure your around to see them get the mail.
192PunishmentSlave will wear plug their ass for no less then four hours. After the time is up the slave will clean the plug with there mouth. Should be lots of build up after 4 hours.
191TaskUsing personal Facebook account slave will like the Facebook page BDSM 2nd Time you get this task slave will like this page: 3rd time Slave will find an online sex slave group to join:
190TaskCoffee enema. Slave will take two cups of coffee via their ass
189TaskSlave cum in a bowl off cereal then slave will eat that bowl of cereal. Brand and flavor of their choice.
188TaskFreeze a Twix candy bar for a few hours then shove completely inside slaves ass. All the way, leave none of the candy bar sticking out. Leave there for 3 to 5 min then push out and eat what's left. Using fingers clean as much of the chocolate out of ass as possible eating all of it.
187TaskDrink a beer or whine cooler via your ass. Use an enema bag or turkey baster.
186TaskFor one month every task, punishment or reward you perform will be shared on twitter. Pictures required.
185PunishmentTomorrow morning when taking their morning shower slave will lay on the floor of the shower lifting his legs above his head and slave will pee in his own mouth. Slave should get a picture or video of this. Slave can then shower. Slave will repeat each morning till Master approves of the quality of the picture or video.
184TaskTime to start piss training. Slave will keep a cup in the bathroom and pee in it every time they use the restroom. Slave will take a sip every time they pee for the next week. Cup may be pored out when finished. At the end of the week slave will drink a full cup. Might be a good idea to start drinking more water.
183TaskTie your slave to the bed, let him pleasure you a few times then pee on his face. Leave him tied to the bed covered in pee while you take a nice warm bath. Might want to put plastic under the sheets first.
182PunishmentSlave will be pee in a cup. Slave will bring the cup of pee to the room the master is in and slave will take a sip of their pee. If this has been done a few times slave will drink the full cup.
181TaskTomorrow morning when taking their morning shower slave will lay on the floor of the shower lifting his legs above his head and slave will pee on his own face. Slave should get a picture of this. Slave can then shower. Slave will repeat each morning till Master approves of the quality of the picture.
180TaskTake your slave to PetSmart or Petco and try on collars. Might lead them around by a leash or two while your there.
179TaskSlave will go buy a cucumber and lubrication from a local store. When home the slave will perform 5 min of anal stimulation with the cucumber.
178TaskToday's lunch will be a bowl of soup. Kind of soup is irrelevant. Slave will cum in the soup before eating it.
177TaskSlave will wash and wax Master's car fully nude. Garage door will remain open.
176TaskSlave will insert a twix candy bar in their ass. Slave will leave it there long enough for it to start to melt. Slave will then remove the candy bar and eat it.
175TaskTie your slave up in view of the front door. Make sure your slave is very aroused and unable to release. Time the delivery of a pizza so that you have to stop playing with your slave to answer the door. When paying for the pizza make sure the delivery person can see your slave. Make sure your slave knows they can be seen. Amount of clothing slave is wearing is up to you.
174PunishmentToday, the slave must pee in their underwear. Slave will go outside wearing just there underwear and pee in them. Slave may use a towel to soak up some of the pee but slave will not change them till they are dry.
173TaskTake a trip around town, slave will be nude of course. Require slave to keep his penis hard the entire time. Make sure to roll windows down at traffic lights. Your goal as the master is to make certain a few other people see your slave. Ask your slave how he likes being on display.
172TaskGive your slave clear orders such as: Go the bathroom and remove your underwear, Go to the bathroom and masturbate but do not cum, make yourself hard, Now. Do this in a large public area where others can hear the orders. Make sure at least one other person can hear your commands.
171PunishmentTake your slave to a busy parking lot. Make them kneel down beside the front wheel of the car. Hand cuff slave to the wheel. Leave slave there while you go shopping. Remember to plan the clothing or lack of clothing accordingly.
170PunishmentWrite 100 times: I am nothing more then a slave. I am the property of my Master. My Master can use me in any way imaginable.".
169TaskWork from home? For the next couple business meetings slave will participate in them fully nude and slave will edge a few times during the meeting. Hope the camera is off, or maybe not.
168TaskAnytime the slave receives a text message of a camera emoji they have 2 min to TAKE and return message a picture of there genitals.
167TaskFill a turkey baster with lubricant and have slave fill there ass with it. Lets see how long till it leaks out.
166TaskNeed a dinner idea? How about McDonalds drive through with a nude slave. After dark there is very little visibility and McDonalds often employees a younger crowd who is not likely to care.
165TaskSlave will create a photo realistic drawing of there genitals. Slave will edge many times throughout the process. Slave will be nude when possible.
164PunishmentFind a great picture of your nude slave. Slave will set it as there lock screen images for one week.
163TaskFind a single person bathroom with no stalls. Make yours slave remove all clothing and open the door so you can get a great picture from outside the bathroom
162TaskNext time you pass a person asking for a hand out at an intersection give them a few dollars. Make sure they come to the widow and get a full view of your nude slave.
161TaskNext time a person is selling flowers or something on the side of the road. Slave will by one. Remember slave rides in the car fully nude, thus make the purchase nude.
160TaskMaster will ask the next person they see sitting outside with a sign asking for a hand out if they would like to watch the slave masturbate. Ask this in front of the slave, while slave is nude if possible.
159PunishmentTake your male slave to get a Frenum Ladder. Its a specific kind of penis piercing. Several loops along the bottom side that you can later attach a leash to.
158TaskSlave will purchase popcycle forms from the store. Slave will cum into one of the sections then fill it will Koolaid. Slave will repeat this each day until all 6 spots are filled. Once done slave has a reward. He can know eat his cum cycles over the next couple weeks. Enjoy. Each time slave is tasked with this increase the amount of cum in each slot. Never less then one full load per slot.
157TaskOver the next 6 days slave will cum every night into a plastic baggy. Slave will do this in front of the master. Humiliation is important and cuming into a contain is harder then it seems. After 6 days the Master will find interesting ways to feed cum pieces to the slave.
156TaskSlave needs to work that back door 5 min of anal stimulation with their fingers. This time the slave will lick there fingers clean after the 5 min.
155PunishmentSlave will wash and vacuum the Masters car at a car wash in their underwear. Master may allow slave to wash the car at home out front fully nude. if they prefer.
154RewardSlave may wear clothing for one day. Slave may save for a later time.
153RewardSlave has earned the right to exchange one punishment. If the slave receives a punishment they do not feel they can do they are free to ask for a new one. If the new one is worse, to bad.
152RewardSlave may join a forum and/or write 3 posts or comments in a forum. Slave may post 1 picture in same forum.
151RewardSlave has a pass to do anything they want on the internet for 3 hours. Join a forum, post nude picts, ready dirty stories... whatever the slave wants.
150PunishmentFor the next 24 hours slave must cum on everything they eat. Cannot cum, then don't eat.
149TaskTake a ride on a bus... Slave will remove pants and underwear while sitting on the seat. If you really want to push it slave will edge between stops.
148TaskFind a busy truck stop. Slave will walk fully nude from one end to the other in front of all the semis. Remember to get picts or video.
147TaskSlave will clean the car windows inside and out at a gas station. Outside windows may be done in there underwear, inside will be done fully nude.
146TaskSlave will clean the windows inside and out full nude. House, Car, Apartment, Garage... whatever works.
145PunishmentSlave will purchase a several feet of rope. Slave will wrap it around there waste, down there ass, around there legs and back up to there waste. Slave will wear it till the master says other wise. Make sure the rope is well in there ass.
144PunishmentUnderwear are perfectly legal. Slave will wear nothing but them for 3 days. No matter who is around or where they are. Slave will be in just underwear. Need to go to Walmart? Heading to Church?
143TaskSlave will design a tattoo to mark them as belonging to there master. Tattoo must be meaning full to the master and clearly define slave as a slave or submissive.
142RewardSlave may design a cover image 1500px by 500px for the slaves twitter page. Must show off how well controlled the slave is and some of the tasks the slave has done. Slave may ask for help taking more pictures.
141RewardSlave may find a forum they want to join. If master approves the slave may join the forum. Master will pick their avatar. As per rules slave will ask for permission before reading or posting on the forum.
140PunishmentSlave must pick there least favorite photograph and the Master will write a caption to go with it. Then the slave will post it online.
139RewardSlave may remove the least favorite image from there iCloud account.
138RewardSlave has done a good job they have earned a full body massage with a happy ending.
137RewardSlave has one underwear day to save for when they want it. Slave must keep track of these days.
136RewardMaster and Slave will go for a drive taking public pictures.
135RewardSlave will take a picture of their body in any location, with any objects to post online. Be creative and take your time its a reward. Master must approve the picture.
134TaskWhat is the point in underwear? Seems like a waste of fabric. Slave will not wear them anymore. Easier access.
133TaskMeet the UPS/Fedex guy at the door wearing nothing at all.
132TaskTell slave one morning that they must cum for you 5 times that day, and then write about the day.
131PunishmentTreat slave like a slave in front of friends, making them present there genitals and bend over to reveal all privates.
130PunishmentFor transgressions: make slave wear a sign to the next public function naming there crime. (ouch)
129TaskHave slave make a list of the 10 things that make them the most self-conscious, uncomfortable or embarrassed. Then work with slave, having them do the things on the list (if possible), so that they conquer those fears and hesitations.
128TaskConduct random inspections of slaves body to make sure they keep it to your specifications. Might want to remember to inspect inside any openings.
127TaskInstruct slave that they may never get something to eat or drink in your presence without first asking you if you want something.
126TaskAsk your slave each night what they did that day that you would not have approved of. This gets slave in the habit of being completely honest, and also makes slave conscious of the things they could do better each day.
125PunishmentGet your slaved pierced (or preferably if You are trained, do it Yourself).
124PunishmentGet slaved tattooed (Your choice of art and location).
123RewardRemember to use your slave sexually in a rough, selfish way when you feel like it. Be sure to interrupt whatever slave is doing. Don't want sex, make the slave give them self anal stimulation.
122TaskWhenever possible have slave display their genitals and or breasts whenever you come into the room... legs spread, shirt puled up. No matter what position You take, slave is to be sure your view is unobstructed.
121PunishmentA beautiful, special collar will make any slave joyous. Take the time to select the right one, and have your slave wear it as often as possible.
120PunishmentHave your slave wear bells. The constant soft jingling of the bells is soothing and a certain reminder of their submission
119TaskAnytime slave receives a text message of a camera icon the slave has 2 minutes to send a picture of there genitals back to the master. No matter where they are or what the are doings. 2 min no excuses.
118RewardSlave may read BSDM related stories online and masturbate when done.
117RewardSlave may choose and image of their self to post online.
116TaskSlave will post a picture of the masters choosing on twitter.
114TaskFor the next 3 days at 12pm and 2pm slave will remove ALL their clothing, including socks. Slave will fold their clothes into a nice neat pile. Slave will then stand in front of the master and edge. When master approves, slave may put their clothes back on.
113TaskRead a few stories of female dominatrix. Keep your dick hard while reading them. Once you find your favorite, Edge. Then.... write out how you would feel if you were the slave in the story, what were the "highlights" and what turned you on the most. Your dick should remain hard during the entire process. Once finished, edge again. You will then read the original story, and your addition to your master.
112TaskRead three BDSM stories. While reading cum on your self as many times as possible. Do not clean up. Goal is to see how much cum you can produce. After reading 3 stories explain to the master what elements you enjoyed the most. While explaining keep your dick hard and be edging. When your done explaining you may eat the cum you are covered in. If you eat all the cum you may masturbate as often as you like for the rest of the day.
111TaskMake the slave remove all clothing in a public restroom with no doors and take a picture in front of mirror. If this has been done make slave masturbate and record a video.
110TaskFind a public bathroom that master can open the door and have full view of slave while the slave edges. Make slave edge and get a few pictures.
109TaskFind a forum, blog, facebook group or some online community where slave can talk about how they like to masturbate for there master. If slave is already part of a group then post a nude picture of slave for the group to see.
108TaskUsing a shared calendar program create masturbation, anal stimulation and or edging events complete with alerts for your slave to follow. whenever possible slave will do these events in front of you. If you have already created these events then reward your slave by making them masturbate in an open location.
107TaskIn front of the slave ask someone if they would like to see the slaves thongs. If they say yes make the slave drop there pants.
106TaskIn front of the slave ask someone if they would like to watch the slave masturbate. If they say yes make the slave masturbate.
105TaskSlave will not pee unless master is standing next to them watching the entire process. If this task has been done then Master will hold the penis of the slave while they pee .
104TaskProve the slave has no freedom. Slave may not pee unless master is holding there penis.
103TaskEmail or text a naked picture of the slave to someone else. Make sure you tell the slave after it is sent.
102TaskRequire slave to pull there pants down showing off their genitals or thong to someone of the masters choosing. Level of exposure is up to master.
101TaskRequire slave to try on a pair of pants at Walmart in the clothing isle not in a dressing room. Best with no underwear.
100TaskTake the slave shopping for new pants. Require slave try on a few pairs leaving the dressing room door open. Best with no underwear. At the very least require them to open the door long enough for you to get a few pictures.
99PunishmentMaster will take slave to a salon and make them get a manicure and a pedicure in there underwear.
98TaskSlave will masturbate to the point of precum, eat the precum, but will not fully ejaculate and will not orgasm. Repeat this process X amount of times.
97TaskCreate a public accessible photo gallery and put picture of slave online for public viewing. Level of humiliation is up to the master. If this has already been done then share the link to the gallery with one person every time this task comes up.
96TaskTrain slave to enjoy the taste of cum. 3 times per day (Morning, Noon and Night) for the next 3 days slave will cum and eat every last drop. If you have done this task increase days by 2 for each time.
95PunishmentRequire slave to shave everything typical hidden behind underwear, font and back.
94TaskTake slave to the front porch, bend them over a chair and violate there ass in full view of anyone passing by.
93TaskGet a picture of slave fully nude standing on a highway overpass. If you have one get a picture of slave masturbating on a highway overpass.
92TaskGet a picture of slave fully nude standing on a train car. If you have one then get a picture of slave masturbating on train car.
91TaskTake the slave to a shopping mall or other public place, Once there pull the slaves pants down. This is best when they are not wearing underwear.
90TaskTake slave to a restaurant like Village Inn and require them to cum in there pants while sitting at the table. Remember slave is required to taste there cum every time.
89TaskRequire slave to cook the masters favorite meal with a kitchen utensil in the ass. Remember to verify the depth a few times during the process.
88RewardIf the slave has been good and master is in the mood allow slave to cum inside the master. When done the slave must clean the master with there tongue.
87PunishmentRequire slave to walk to the mailbox, retrieve the mail and return in nothing but a shirt and underwear. Shirt better not cover underwear.
86PunishmentGo on a long car drive taking no form of clothing for the slave. Require the slave pump all gas, and do all activities completely nude. Remember to make up some additional activities like checking the tire pressure and checking the oil.
85TaskGo on a long car drive taking nothing but a shirt and underwear for the slave. Require the slave to enter any stores, pump all gas, and do all activities in just there underwear and shirt.
84TaskSlave will get fully naked inside Walmart and walk from at least one isle to another isle. Does not matter who can see the slave, this is for the masters entertainment.
83PunishmentGet the mail naked, walk to mail box, no driving.
82TaskSlave will keep ass lubed in preparation for master shoving random objects into it. This only works if master remembers to shove objects in it.
81Task3 set of 10 jumping jacks fully nude on the side of the road. Pause between each set.
80TaskRemove all clothing, bend over end of car facing the garage door, open garage door and proceed to violate the slaves ass in full view.
79PunishmentThe next meal slave must cum on their food and clean their plate. Maybe next time the slave will remember to do as told.
78PunishmentHas the slave gotten dirty? How about washing the anus inside and out with a garden hose. Slave must insert garden hose in ass and fill it with water. Should probably fill it 3 times to make sure slave gets the point.
77RewardA nightly recap might be fun. Slave will tell master out loud how they thought of the days activities. If slave does a good job, master might let you cum before bed.
76TaskAnus are fun toys but they need lubed. Slave will keep there anus lubed until told other wise. If restroom is used slave will wash inside and out then re lube. Master should inspect very often with random objects.
75PunishmentSlave will go to a store and purchase the master something. To make this fun slave will wear only underwear and a t-shirt. Slave will ask the store clerk if they can remove there underwear to purchase the item nude.
74PunishmentWhile the master is away they cannot see or touch your genitals. I think it is only fair that you shouldn't be able to touch them. For the rest of today slave will not touch themselves. Little Boys, I don't care if you cannot aim without touching it. If slave cannot keep from making a mess slave can go outside.
73TaskSlave will spend 1 hour reading stories on You know what. To make this easy on the master. Slave will spend 1 hour day reading stories about femdom and once a week they will tell the master in person and out load about the most arousing story they read.
72TaskSlave will go to Walmart and purchase a toy car. Slave will return home and spend a few minutes playing with the toy car. By playing I mean using there anus or vagina as a garage, Work that door. If this has been done then perhaps the slave can use the toy car in the parking lot or restroom of Walmart.
71PunishmentSlave must tell someone: 1. They like to masturbate. 2. They are dominated by a master. 3. They are not allowed to wear clothes while at home. 4. They have eaten cum. 5. They pose for nude photos in public. 6. They masturbate in public restrooms. 7. They masturbate whenever told. Pick 1 of the options, each time this task comes up pick a different option.
70TaskSlave must lay on the floor, lift there legs over there head so the genitals are as close to there mouth as possible. Slave must cum on there face. Remember to take pictures.
69TaskSlave must write out and read aloud there own dominatrix story. Make sure they use "I" and not a fictional person.
68TaskChildren have to ask to use the bathroom and like to potty out side. Make your slave pee outside for 3 days, asking each time.
67TaskLittle kids like not wearing clothes. Make your slave strip naked in public and run around. Perhaps a highway road stop? A few laps around the house? A lap around a local park?
66TaskLittle boys like toy cars. Make your slave run a toy car in and out of his anus for a while.
65TaskTake your slave to Walmart, find a quite aisle, make them drop there pants and lift up there shirt while you snap a few pictures. Perhaps upload to people of Walmart.
64TaskLittle boys like to touch themselves, make your slave keep his penis hard for the entire day, or maybe whenever in your presence.
63PunishmentBend slave over your lap and spank, hit hard enough to make your hand sting. At least 3 swats is recommended. Bear bottom required. May use a paddle or other object to protect hand.
62TaskCreate a whisper account, give your master access. For one week every task you do shall be shared on whisper.
61TaskOn twitter tell the world your wife is dominating you and what your last task was.
60TaskFully nude while doing inside and outside activities. That specifically means no t-shirt while in the front yard. If nudity is a rule for your slave then reward them by allowing the to masturbate in the front yard.
59TaskInsert anal hook and tie it to your neck or collar. You will wear it till told other wise.
58TaskFind your favorite story about female domination and explain or summarize it out load.
57RewardRead about public nudity and/or women making men go nude then write a fantasy. Edge a few times while writing.
56RewardSlave may use pocket pussy or dildo to orgasm, clean up is allowed, eating not required.
50RewardSlave is free to wear the clothing and under garments of their choice.
49RewardSlave is free to organism, cum eating not required. Permission to clean up not required.
48PunishmentSlave will cum in there pants 3 times in one day without cleaning it up. Little boys like wet pants.
47PunishmentSlave will shave their legs.
46PunishmentIt is up to the master to control the times the slave pees. Just make sure the slave drinks Pepsi and water which would urge the slave to pee more. If the slave has to pee without permission, slave has to do so in their underwear and shouldn't change them till the master gives permission.
45TaskSlave should plug ass and should take it out only while using restroom. Rest of the time it should remain plugged. Slave is not allowed to touch himself other then to edge after inserting the plug.
44PunishmentSlave should not take a shower or wash after cumming slave should cum every 2 hours. Only next day the slave should be allowed to clean.
43PunishmentAss or vagina is to be stuffed with any object of masters desire, and left there until told otherwise.
42TaskSlave should edge every 2 hours. Slave is denied cum the entire day.
40PunishmentMaster poors pee on slave while slave is showering
39PunishmentMaster pees in slaves mouth, cup can be used if needed. If this is to much for the master then the master can pee on the slave.
38PunishmentSlave must where a remote shock collar hidden under clothing. Master will shock at anytime.
37Taskslave must masturbate to orgasm and eat ALL of their cum, slowly with a spoon.
36PunishmentSlave must punish themselves on video. Slave can define what the punishment is. Slave will post image to twitter.
34PunishmentTie string to slaves genitals and lead him around. Make sure other people can see. Keeping slave indoors isn't real a punishment.
33PunishmentRub slaves face against your genitals, but gag slave so they can't lick master. Need to make sure your wet with some bodily fluid or its a reward.
32PunishmentBathroom privileges are a reward. Must ask each time and master is free to deny the request.
30PunishmentSlave will go into a convenient store in just their underwear and purchase something.
29TaskSlave will act as a sex doll and not respond to anything master does. Any responses will be punished.
28Punishmentslave will lick mistress clean after she goes to the bathroom.
27TaskSlave will answer the door in whatever state of dress they are in.
26RewardSlave will not wear any form of clothing, inside or outside of the home unless instructed otherwise
25PunishmentSlave will wear a collar or leash for the next 24 hours. In public.
24PunishmentSlave will not eat or drink without permission.
23PunishmentFor a defined amount of days the slave will not get into or out of bed without permission or sit on furniture without permission.
22PunishmentSlave will not go to the bathroom without permission. Bathroom door will not be closed for any reason. No mater where you are or who is present.
21PunishmentFor a set amount of days the slave does not sit, lie on or use the furniture without permission.
20TaskSlave must drive or ride in car with something large in there anus, every bump will be felt.
19TaskSlave must go to store that sells underwear and ask the sales person for help selecting a pair. Try them on and ask how they fit.
18TaskMale, slave while nude or in their underwear will allow someone to paint their finger and toe nails. Have a daughter? I'm sure she would love to paint her daddy's nails while he sat there in his underwear.
17RewardFor a set amount of time slave must stop what he is doing, masturbate and ejaculate every time he receives a text message.
16TaskSlave must write out a masturbation fantisy
15PunishmentSlave must make a list of punishments, if any are not really punishments, slave will be punished immediately.
14TaskSlave must come up with there own degrading activity and provide pictures of the activity being completed. This inst a punishment so have fun.
13TaskCreate a twitter account for Master and Slave. The slave must monitor the masters feed and do as told.
12TaskSlave must create an online profile and request ideas for humuliation, bondage, pain and anything else
11PunishmentFreeze marshmallows for one hour then insert them into Slaves ass or vagina.
10TaskSlave must provide photo of their cum on their face
9TaskSlave must provide a photo of their mouth full of their cum
8PunishmentSlave must cum every two hour in his pants, no cleaning unless eaten.
7PunishmentSlave must pee on him or her self and take pictures of this action. Post one of the images to twitter afterwards and before cleaning.
6PunishmentSlave must cum on his own face. If slave is a female she must rub her fluids on her face. Fluids need to stay there for 2 hours.
5PunishmentSlave must spank themselves 10 times on each ass cheek with 2 different items. Slave must then post a picture of there red ass online.
4TaskCool down, slave must add a few ice cubes into there anus or vagina. Keep the water in there as long as possible. When they melt add a few more.
3TaskFor a set amount of time when using the restroom, slave will drop paints to the floor like a child. If this is a rule for your slave then... The next public restroom you find slave will masturbate and orgasm in the urinal closest to the door. Master should try to get a picture of this. Bathroom door must not be locked.
2Task10 minutes of anal stimulation with a kitchen utensil
1Task10 minutes of anal stimulation with a tool from garage