My thoughts on Eating Cum?

eating cum with a spoon

Eating cum is a strange one for me. As a male it seems like a horrid idea. However, it’s not fair to ask a woman to swallow it if I’m not willing to.

My master and I talked about the act of eating cum and she felt that was a very valid point and that I needed to start tasting and eating mine. Anytime I am allowed to orgasm I am required to taste some of it. I don’t typically have to eat all of it because my master is giving me time to learn to enjoy the taste of it. The goal is to get to the point that I like the act as much as the thought.

I love the idea of eating cum. My issue is the actual act of eating it. I get aroused simply at the thought of being told I will have to do it. I long to eat my cum when aroused and thinking about eating it increases the level of my orgasm. The problem is that the minute I cum I hate the idea. The power of arousal is amassing. I truly desire to eat my own cum, but not sure how to get past the act. Having an orgasm kills the mood and feelings.

My master is using this desire as a form of control. She is using it to my pleasure and my enjoyment, not as a form of torture. She is using her control to get me over the repulse of the idea after an orgasm, so that I can enjoy the rush of trying. She likes the idea of equal ground. Why should she swallow it if I don’t?

  • I enjoy the idea of doing something she wants.
  • I enjoy doing something outside of my normal limits.
  • I enjoy being pushed in front of my master.
  • I enjoy feeling week and humiliated in front of my master.
  • ...and I enjoy the thought of eating cum.

Will eating cum hurt me?

No, it will not. There is absolutely nothing found in cum that is harmful to the human body and might even be beneficial. Semen contains mood-enhancing compounds such as cortisol, estrone, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, prolactin, melatonin and serotonin. Scientist are actually studying the health benefits of semen intake. Both orally and vaginally.

What Does Cum Taste Like?

I have not noticed a change in the taste of my cum. I have heard stories about different foods effecting the flavor. My Master has actually tried feeding me certain foods to see what happens nothing every does. Cum does not taste like something you can describe. My cum is not sweet, I don’t think I would call it salty but many do. It’s more like a cleaning product. Cum has a very intense flavor similar to the small. Personally, I think the smell is harder to swallow. Really… if you want to know just try eating your cum.

Eating Frozen Cum!

My Master came up with a much more enjoyable way for me to eat cum. Since I lose the desire to eat it at the time of ejaculation, she has me eat it first. She prefers me to eat fresh cum but to be nice we also freeze it. I ejaculate into a small container then add a little water and flavoring. We then freeze it like a cum popsicle. From time to time I must suck on these cum popsicles while performing tasks like anal stimulation, edging or just watching tv. Freezing the cum greatly reduces the intensity of the flavor. Honestly, I enjoy eating frozen cum. I feel this is a great way to lead up to eating fresh cum.

Clearly you have had thoughts of eating cum or making someone else eat cum.
Stop thinking about it and just do it.

Our open communication has created an act that we can both enjoy in many ways and improve our relationship.