What is my definition of Humiliation?

The word humiliation comes from a Latin root meaning earth. To humiliate someone is to bring him or her down low to the ground.

nude sex slave with pink public hair

Humiliation is a very personal issue the requires the master and the slave to communicate openly. When the master takes the time to find out what is personally degrading to the slave, humiliation becomes a powerful tool that can be the focus of an activity. It’s important to note that not all slaves are the same. Some slaves will find it degrading to be called “boy”, “slave” or other pet name. while an another slave might roll their eyes and be thinking the master is nuts.

Servitude is another common form of humiliation for certain slaves. When the slave or submissive is ordered to be a servant they will be required to perform actions like: walking behind the master, only speaking when spoken to, not wearing clothing, or asking for permission to use the restroom.

There are limits to humiliation and verbal terms can be taken too far. The master needs to take care to avoid terms like “fat”, “ugly”, “stupid” or “worthless”. These could be taken as abuse if the partners have not clearly talked about these words and defined their meanings while in role play. On the other hand terms like “slut”, “tart”, “bitch” and “whore” may or may not be considered humiliation or abuse. For many slaves, such names are a way of getting over sexual inhibitions or reveling hidden desires.

A typical technique is to combine humiliation with pleasurable physical sensation, including sexual stimulation. The slave who actually enjoys pleasing their master can often be put into a more submissive state if they are sexual aroused while being humiliated. As a slave, I absolutely love being forced to strip naked and arouse myself where someone could see me, such as the side of the road. If my master gets me aroused enough I am willing to do, l and actually enjoy doing about anything she asks.

In my relationship my master is kind and is afraid of being mean or hurtful. She is not really into the common verbal humiliation acts.

Verbal humiliation:

  • Animal play, or treating the submissive as a pet, dog, girl, or bitch.
  • Verbal belittlement using words such as slave, boy, girl, missy, and pet.
  • Insults and verbal abuse, such as fat, ugly, stupid, and worthless.
  • Degrading names, such as slut, shit, bitch, and whore.
  • Slighting of body parts and behaviors, such as disparaging or cruel references to breasts, facial appearance, genitalia (including size), buttocks, and slighting of such mannerisms as walking, responsiveness, and standard of self-care.
  • Requirement to ask permission for everyday activities, such as going to the toilet, spending money, and eating.
  • Forced repetition, such as the slave being required to repeat commands that he or she has been given and to confirm them.
  • Forced flattery, such as agreeing that every decision that the dominant makes is wise, correct, and justifiable, while additionally praising the masters’s physical and personality traits.
  • Mockery, derision, and ridicule.
  • Scolding of the type commonly reserved for children.

On the other hand, she is more into the physical acts.
This makes me enjoy them even more.

Physical humiliation:

  • Ejaculating, spitting, and urinating on the slaves body, especially the face.
  • Servitude, acts like asking for permission to use the restroom
  • Forced sexual degradation, including such acts as erotic massage, cunnilingus, analingus, and fellatio.
  • Detailed accountability and control (micro-management) as to time spent and activities done, including lists of jobs to do, precise directions as to how the job is to be performed, and exactly how to act and behave.
  • Real Humiliation is the act of making a person carry out specific tasks which involve other real people who are not aware that there is a task or dominant relation issuing the task in the background.
  • Lack of privacy, including not closing the bathroom door, asking for permission to use restroom, leaving bathroom stall door open.
  • Punishments including erotic spanking, slapping, whipping, restraint, and other.
  • Assigned dress code, no underwear or no clothing allowed, even when in public.
  • Erotic sexual denial, including the use of a chastity device.
  • Wearing of external signs of ownership, such as collars.
  • Public humiliation where strangers may witness the treatment.
  • Forced anal penetration, with dildos, anal plugs, and similar objects.
  • The slave having to ask permission to orgasm during sex or masturbation.
  • Forced masturbation in a humiliating manner.

Some sexual humiliation involves physical inflicting pain, but much of it is far more concerned with ridicule, mocking, degradation, and embarrassment.

As a slave why do I enjoy Humiliation?

That’s hard to say. I’m sure that I enjoy it. Part of the fun is the rush of doing something I am afraid or uncomfortable doing. It’s about pushing the limits of stuff I was always afraid if. To me this is fun. I was terrified of being seen naked or of anyone finding out I masturbate. So being forced to do this in front of others is an amassing turn on and rush of emotions.

It’s not about my master trying to hurt my feelings like many people think. It’s about my master knowing what I secretly enjoy and overwhelming me with feelings and sexual desires.