Jounal of a Sex Slave

hand full of cum

Slave gets first hand experiences in a penis cage

I apply a generous amount of lubrication to the tube and put a little inside my penis. The tube burns as it goes in, but it is a manageable burn. The thought of putting a catheter inside my penis for my Masters pleasure outweighs the burning.Written on: Nov 27, 2017

hand full of cum

Eating Cum a year later?

Right after an orgasm I still loose the desire to eat it. Force yourself to do it, the faster the better. I still love the thoughWritten on: Aug 11, 2017

finger in ass

Sex Slave is tasked with Daily Masturbation, How many times per day?

Currently, I am to Edge or Masturbate at least 5 times per day. To remind me that I am a slave or servant I am to be fully nude, provide a picture and at least once I am to be face down and ass up. Written on: Apr 26, 2017

dakota hot springs

Dakota Hot Springs in the middle of winter.

My Master and I found ourselves stuck in Pueblo for a full day with really nothing to do but kill time. Thankfully my Master had thought ahead and had already planned for us to go the Dakota Hot Springs. She packed towels, slippers and bathing suits. Not that I was going to be allowed to wear one. Written on: Jan 14, 2017

male slave nude next to stop sign

Ever try standing naked next to a stop sign while your Master takes a picture?

Our adventures with naked outdoor pictures or exhibitionism began on a very long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Not a place of business for 70 miles. Written on: Dec 16, 2016

male slave on toilet

Typical issue's Slave faces when spending all day nude.

For this slave being nude, naked or penis exposed to anyone in the room has become pretty common practice.Written on: Dec 12, 2016

male slave on toilet

New rule, sit to pee.

My Master is a female and thus sits to pee. I’m her bitch so therefore its logical that I should sit to pee.Written on: Nov 30, 2016

peeing on self

During my shower I peed on my chest and arms!

I was tasked with peeing on myself. Seems like an easy task, I mean kids do it every day. Surprisingly it’s not as easy for an adult. The flow just doesn’t want to start. Written on: Nov 23, 2016

twix up the ass

Eating a Twix Candy Bar after it was in your ass.

I put a Twix in my ass and left it there long enough to melt then had to use my fingers to scrape out as much chocolate as possible.Written on: Nov 14, 2016

male nude while driving a car

Nude Driving… The best way to drive.

I greatly recommend driving nude. For an added touch make the slave check the oil or check the tires on the side of the road fully nude.Written on: Nov 7, 2016

slave with car in his ass

Sucking on a dildo after it was in my ass?

The dildo had a lot less flavor then I expected. The fluids tasted a lot like water. I'm looking forward to the day I get to do it again.Written on: Oct 31, 2016

slave inserting ratchet up ass

Today's Task - Anal Stimulation

Today, I was tasked with 10 minutes of anal stimulation in the garage with a tool from the garage. My pick. That’s kinda nice, over time you learn that some textures feel better than others.Written on: Oct 28, 2016

submissive writing in there journal nude

Creation of a Slave Journal

It seems that many slaves and submissives are writing in journals. That got me thinking… Would my master like me to do that? Do I want to write in a jorunal? What are the benefits of a submissive writing in a journal? Written on: Oct 27, 2016