Nov - 14, 2016

Ever try eating a Twix Candy Bar after it was in your ass?

When you first put the Twix in it stays there pretty easily.
As the Twix sat for a short while it started to slide out.

Twix Candy Bar

Saturday, I was given the task of eating a Twix candy bar after I put it in my ass and left it there long enough to melt. To make it even more fun after eating the Twix, I had to use my fingers to scrape out as much chocolate as possible. Rather messy task. Accidentally adding to the intensity, my Master thought we had some Twix in the house. Turns out they were gone. I had to dwell on this task for the rest of the day and into the next while waiting for us to go to the store to buy a Twix. The thought of having to do this task was almost as much fun as the task itself.

Physically putting a Twix up my ass was not much different than other objects. Its small so there was not a lot of pressure. Its rather smooth so it slides in ok. I did lick it before inserting to add some type of lubrication. Thus letting the Twix slide in a little easier. I thought about an actual lube but I did not really want to eat the lube as well. Overall it was rather satisfying and pleasant to hold inside.

I know Twix melt pretty fast but I could not actually feel it melting.

When you first put the Twix in it stays there pretty easily. As the Twix sat for a short while it started to slide out. I assume this was because the chocolate had melted. I had, in fact it had completely turned to goo. The non-chocolate part was a complete mess. My ass was also a total mess at this point. As it slid I out I took a hold of it and proceeded to eat what was left as my Master instructed.

The taste was what you would expect from a melted Twix. Nothing more nothing less. I did not expect it to have any other flavor. I’m sure this task was not designed to leave a bad flavor in your mouth. It was more about emotional flavors.

Emotionally, putting a Twix in my ass was more interesting than putting other objects in my ass

Not because of putting something in there but because I knew I would have to eat it. This is the second time something went from my mouth to my ass. Since this was a traditional food item I think it was the easier of the two. The hard part was cleaning it out and eating the melted chocolate. My Master was present for the entire ordeal. The humiliation of her watching was more intense than any other part of the process. Having someone know you are doing or did something is different than having them right there with you. I felt a little ashamed and a little excited at doing something so out of the main stream norm.

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