Oct - 27, 2016

Creating a Slave Journal?

Master feels it will be good for me to put my thoughts down in a journal. Working online all day, its only logical for that to be online.

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Let me start off by saying I am not a writer. I have never liked writing and have never kept a journal. This will be an interesting project.

Yesterday, my master allowed me some time on the internet to look at what other slaves or submissives are doing. It seems that many of them are writing in journals. Some online some not. That got me… Would my master like me to do that? Do I want to write in a jorunal? What are the benefits of a submissive writing in a journal?

  1. Opens communication.
  2. Gives the slave a place to express their likes and dislikes.
  3. Gives the slave another activity to keep their attention.
  4. Might help other slaves and masters with their relationships.
  5. Provides Master with another way to see what slave likes and dislikes.
  6. Gives both Master and slave an opportunity to relive the experience.

Communication is key for a good Dominant / submissive relationship. My Master felt she was giving me more than enough tasks and attention. Yet, I felt neglected and unwanted. Had we been using a journal my Master would have seen my feelings sooner. Eventually we talk it about it, but not as soon as we should have.

Outlet of expression… I like this idea. It’s often hard to explain how or why I like something. Writing in a journal will make that process easier. It’s exciting to write down personal thoughts knowing the world could read them. A good submissive doesn’t have privacy, doesn’t need privacy and enjoys public exploitation. I’m getting excited just thinking about having to explain my activities on line.

As a submissive I am in need of constant attention. I know how hard that is for my Master and a journal is great use of my time. I get to write in it as often as I want. Knowing the entire time that this is a task my master wants and needs. I get to help my Master and reward myself at the same time.

I often feel that I am alone in the world. Writing to the public gives me hope that other submissives will find these journal entries and know that they are not alone. Sure we are a little different. Possibly we are just different in that we are open enough to express our true desires. How many people wish they were in a Dominant / Submissive relationship but are too afraid to speak up?

Writing about my experiences will let me relive them, good or bad. That is exciting… I think putting the thoughts down in words will be more intense than just thinking about them. Wonder what it will be like to go back and read my own thoughts a few years later?

I’m excited to see the outcome of this new endeavor. Oh, Remember I am not a writer. I cannot spell and I doubt I can write. I’m a numbers person.

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