April - 26, 2017

Tasked with Daily Edging or Masturbating, How many times per day?

male with fingers in his ass

Currently, I am to Edge or Masturbate at least 5 times per day. To remind me that I am a slave or servant. I am to be fully nude, provide a picture and at least once I am to be face down and ass up. Why? Because my master enjoys watching and, I guess I follow the rules better when I am more aroused.

Edging: taking yourself to the edge of an orgasm but not actually having an orgasm. The goal for me is to release the smallest bit of pre-cum but no actual cum.

Fully nude while edging… have you thought much about that. No matter what we are doing or where we are I must remove all my clothing and edge. Thankfully, I get to pick the times but still. It’s hard to find places to remove all your clothing. My first thought when in public is to use the restroom and go in a stall. Seems easy, except that I am not allowed to close a stall door. That’s right, no matter what I am doing in a public bathroom the stall door is to remain open.

How would you feel about standing fully naked in a bathroom stall with the door open while playing with yourself? Then take a selfie.

Why does the Master want a picture every time I edge or masturbate? There are a few reasons. The first reason is proof. It’s easy to say you did it when the Master isn’t around, a simple picture keeps this salve honest. The picture also gives my Master something to hold on to. She can use them as a punishment by posting them online, showing them to her friends or making me use them as a phone or computer background. The last reason I am aware of is an act of submission. Me taking a picture and sending it to the Master shows her dominance. Kind of like sitting to pee. Just a simple act of obedience.

I find the face down and ass up to be the most difficult. One it’s very hard to find a place to do that and not be in font of others. I don’t want our kids to walk into the room and see me in that position. Second, have you tried it. Think about how humiliating it is to put your face on the floor. Stick your ass in the air, spread open for all to see. Then to make it more intense, shove your fingers in your ass why stroking your dick. I must stay that way till I am about to orgasm and then stop just before release.

I don’t get to cum. That is not allowed. These sessions are for the Masters enjoyment not mine. Even though they are for her I love the attention. It’s something I get to do throughout the day to show her I am hers.

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