Nov - 7, 2016

Nude Driving… The best way to drive.

I greatly recommend driving nude. For an added touch make the slave check the oil or check the tires on the side of the road fully nude.

male nude while driving a car

I’m not completely sure how we got to the point where if the Master is in the car I am to be fully nude, but that’s where we are today. If we are just running down the street I am allowed to pull my pants down. Penis must be exposed. If we are going more than a few minutes away I am to remove all clothing. No pants is no big deal. No one can see you from the waist down. No shirt makes it harder. In the summer it is less weird but in the winter people have to be wondering why does he not have a shirt on. My Master is aware of this so no shirt it is.

This weekend we took a trip to town. It’s about 65 miles one way. I’m so use to the nude thing I hardly notice that I am nude when on the open road. That is until some large truck paces us in the next lane or stops at a light right beside us. Typically, we are in a smaller late modal compact car, thus allowing a truck to look down and see that I am nude. Lucky for me the windows are very well tinted. My Master makes it’s a point to roll the windows down from time to time. She was playing with the windows this trip. Defiantly makes it more interesting. I’m pretty sure no one noticed. However, Master is getting more ambitious, I’m sure it won’t be long until she leaves them down. She has hinted at a fire drill at a stop light. That would be an experience and its own journal entry.

Long drives are clearly less boring when you’re driving nude.

Your constantly aware of the size of the vehicles next to you. You have to drive closer to the speed limit and pay more attention to cops. I don’t really want to get pulled over nude. I’m sure it is legal in this state. In most states the law is assumed privacy. Since the windows are tinted we have a level of assumed privacy. No one can see that I am driving nude unless I roll the windows down. Don’t believe it is illegal just because yahoo answers say it is illegal. It’s perfectly legal in most states. I have not checked them all. It is not legal in Nevada. I’m sure of that. Had a cop very sternly tell me to put my clothes on. That was one heck of a rush.

We were talking about getting a towel for the seat. Then, if I were to get pulled over I could just fold the towel over my waste. Wearing a towel is legal in all 50 states. Seems like a good idea, just not something we have done yet. I’m sure we could find a way to use the towel as a reward or punishment.

The time to take your clothes on and off gets irritating. Not wearing underwear actually helps. It’s a lot easier to put on just pants and a shirt. To reduce the amount of time wasted on moving clothes around we decided that when I’m not in town I’m to get dressed and undressed outside of the car. It just easier and faster to have the room. This part is a lot more fun for me and presents an emotional challenge. I love the thought and get aroused but the act is tuff and very enjoyable when ordered to get out nude. We need to do this more often.

Whenever, we head to a store I spend a noticeable amount of time thinking about how active the store will be and where to park so the least amount of people will be able to see that I am driving around nude. It’s actually a lot of fun. Kind of a letdown if to many people are around and the Master tells me to get dressed before getting out. My Master is pretty cautious. Currently, if anyone is close to the car or has a direct line of site she lets me get dressed inside the car. I’m sure this is safer but I bet it would be more fun if I had to get out no matter how many people were around.

Driving nude is a basic part of our life these days. My Master has even done it a few times. It was one of our first steps into our Dominate / submissive roles. It was very exciting for us both regardless of who was nude. We started out in the middle of no wear. Long stretch of country road with pretty much no humans. That was more comfortable for us. Today I drive nude pretty much 100% of the time. Even if Master is not in the car I have to pull my pants down and keep my penis exposed.

I greatly recommend trying it. For an added touch make the slave check the oil or check the tires on the side of the road fully nude. I pull a lot of trailers and I’m not allowed to get dressed to check on the load. Walking around a trailer on the side of the highway full nude is certainly experience and something I look forward to.

Driving nude is a great activity and something every couple should try.

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