Aug - 11, 2017

Eating Cum a year later?

hand full of cum

Last year, I wrote an article about having to eat my own cum. I was tasked with tasting some of it every time I got to orgasm. This has progressed to if I orgasm I must eat it all.

It’s gotten much easier.

Right after an orgasm I still loose the desire to eat it. Force yourself to do it, the faster the better. I still love the thought of doing it and very much want to till the moment of ejaculation. It’s such a weird feeling. I look forward to being told to eat it. I want to be forced to eat it with people watching. I want to be forced to hold it in my mouth and to play with it.

The taste has gotten much better. The first time I almost lost it. It was very strong and intense. Now it’s not a big deal. I can hold it in my mouth for a while if needed. I don’t have to wash it down right away. Sometimes, I actually enjoy the taste. I am sure it is a taste that you can acquire. People don’t actually like beer the first time they try it but seems most people learn to love it.

Masters, it would be a good idea for you to work with your slave on learning to enjoy the taste. I think if you start of slow and force them to eat more and more that they will actually learn to enjoy it. I’m certain the act of eating your own cum has to be humiliating for all males. Try filming it. Remember to watch the slave do this. If my Master would leave the room or turn her back I would not actually eat it. I was bad slave. Now, I must always cum in front of her and show her that it is in my mouth.

There are no side effects. There is nothing wrong with eating it and some actually think it might be beneficial. That would be a fun question to ask the Dr.. Hey Doc… I like eating my cum and was wondering how you felt about that?

In the first article, I mentioned eating frozen cum. This is great at first because the flavor isn’t as strong and you can eat it while you are hard. I always like the idea of a cum cycle. Fresh is much better in all ways. Its more humiliating and so much harder to do. The act is still the hardest thing I have done as slave.

I suggest all slaves eat there cum on a regular basis.

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