Jan - 14, 2017

Dakota Hot Springs in the middle of winter.

My Master thought I should do more to expose myself so I found an air mattress and spent most of the evening floating on my back with my penis exposed to anyone who bothered to looked.

nude at stop sign

My Master and I found ourselves stuck in Pueblo for a full day with really nothing to do but kill time. Thankfully my Master had thought ahead and had already planned for us to go the Dakota Hot Springs. She packed towels, slippers and bathing suits. Not that I was going to be allowed to wear one. Standing rule, if I am allowed to be naked I am to be naked.

We arrived around 11 am after going to a nice breakfast. There were a few others around. Interestingly many wore swim suites. Most of the men were naked and most of the women were in suits. Sorry, cameras not allowed so I dont have any pictures.

Was pretty much a perfect day to go. I first thought it was going to be way to cold. After all it was only 40 degrees outside. They offer a heater room if you want to warm up and dry off.

My Master headed to the women’s changing room to put on her suite. I wasn’t sure what to do so I headed to the men’s room to remove my clothing and returned wearing only a towel. It was freezing… I tried waiting for my Master but the cold made me head straight to the water. The water was wonderful, the cold instantly gone as my body touched the warm water. It wasn’t to hot either. Not like a hot tube wear you must get in slowly cause it’s so hot. This was perfect. Just a very warm bath. Of course, it’s out in the open with other people.

As to be expected there was an older gentleman wearing sun glass. I believe the sun glasses made it easier for him to stare at the women. His head always seemed to be following the naked ladies. I found it interesting to watch him watching others. Not a big deal and it wasn’t there later in the day.

I kept thinking how exciting it would be to masturbate in front of people but the management does not allow any form of sexual behaver. I think that provides a nice environment for the average person who just wants to get naked. I would have preferred to have been allowed to masturbate or openly have sex. Even so it was a very nice relaxing place to be. Any time you can get naked is a good time. I think it might have even been fun with clothes on.

They allow you to come and go as you please. We chose to hang around in the pool for a couple hours and then went back to Pueblo for food and to do some shopping. You are allowed to take in food as long as it’s not in glass, we just didn’t have any. I saw several people with Subway. Seems like a great place to have a nice afternoon picnic.

We decided to head back to the hot springs around 6pm. Wanted to see what it was like later in the day. Evening defiantly gets busier. Still not crowded by any means. I would guess 20 or so people. Everyone seems to keep to their own groups.

I noticed that the water kept your stuff pretty well hidden. It was rather difficult to tell who was and wasn’t nude. My Master thought I should do more to expose myself so I found an air mattress. Seems they provide 3 or 4 of them. I spent most of the evening floating on my back with my penis exposed to anyone who bothered to looked. This mattress had a netting in the center allowing you to stay in the water but floating on top of it. I loved it. MY feet, hands and face were exposed to the cold air while the rest of me was just under the warm water. Made for a very comfortable experience.

We plan to head back hopefully several times a year. It’s worth checking out if your in the area.

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