Dec - 12, 2016

Typical issues slave faces when spending most of the day nude.

For this slave being nude, naked or penis exposed to anyone in the room has become pretty common practice.

Wearing only a sweat shirt

My master likes for me to be naked or at least for my penis to be exposed. After all my body is for her pleasure so it might as well be readily available for her to see. I’m sure it’s not because I like to be naked. The more time you spend naked the more uncomfortable and restrictive clothes become.

The rule use to be that I was to be in underwear and a t-shirt if the kid was home. I was given a new rule to stop wearing underwear.

  1. If you don’t wear underwear all day it is uncomfortable to put them on just to sit around the house.
  2. Is very annoying to walk in the house, take your pants off and put on underwear. Then when you leave you must take off your underwear and put your pants back on.

It’s much easier to just not wear underwear at all. Currently, I wear a shirt long enough to cover my penis when the kid is around. If the kid isn’t in the room I let the shirt sit high enough to show off my penis. Seems to working. It should be noted my kid is comfortable with nudity and is old enough to be ok with it. We did not just start walking around naked. Out of curtesy I am to cover it. I don’t think the kid would mind at all if I didn’t.

Going outside naked when it’s under 32 degrees kinda sucks. My Master agrees and has been letting me wear a robe with the front open or a sweet shirt. It’s much warmer in a sweat shirt then nothing. If it’s under 32, I am allowed to put on pants without permission. I tend to only put them on when it’s under 25.

Car rides are still no excuse for a wearing clothes. When leaving the house I grab my pants and take them with us. I do not put them on till we get to the destination or at least close to it. Car seats suck… Again, if it is really cold my Master lets me put on my pants but I leave them unzipped and keep my penis exposed.

The security cameras in our house provide a bit of excitement.

I doubt anyone would ever look at them or hack them but you never know. We are currently having an issue with them not recording properly. I need talk to their support team about the issue. I asked my Master if I could delete the clips or put the cameras on privacy and she said no. When I call them I am to stay naked and do whatever they ask. It’s our home so who cares what they see. I’m kind of excited to talk to them while they are looking at the video feed. If you have read my rules you know that I masturbate every morning in front of my Master. This happens to be done directly in front of the camera.

Putting on pants or covering up when some pulls up to the house is getting to be more difficult. I have not been caught yet, but there were some close calls. The other day a friend of ours decided to just open the door. She stopped on the back porch giving me just enough time to step out of view and put on some pants. Gave us all a shock. I’m not sure how I feel about getting caught. It’s not like being naked in your own home I a crime. The thought of getting caught is a lot of fun. It’s their response that I am uncertain of. I would not want to lose a friend because they were uncomfortable with me sitting around naked. I often wonder how long till my Master lets them see me.

I expect she will let the fedex or ups staff see me naked first.

Overall I relay enjoy staying naked. I would like some better insulation in one room. Its rather cold. I prefer it to be above freezing. Stuff is smaller when it’s cold. Putting on close before they see is a pain and hiding is a lot of work. I think it would be easier to just be naked and if anyone cares so what, it’s my house. They can always call first. Those decisions are out of my hands. That’s all up to the Master.

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