Dec - 16, 2016

Ever try standing naked next to a stop sign while your Master takes a picture?

Rather your a sex slave or not, you need to try posing naked at a stop sign. It is a great deal of fun for many reasons.

nude at stop sign

Our adventures with naked outdoor pictures or exhibitionism began on a very long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Not a place of business for 70 miles. We were shy ok. I did not wake up one day wanting to be an exhibitionist or knowing that I like to be on display. It was more me trying to get my wife to try something new. I wanted her to get out naked. She was afraid so I did it. That opened a new door. She was very turned on with the thought of taking naked pictures of me and I was alive from the thought of and the act of being outside naked.

We found a basic stop sign facing a dirt road leading into this deserted highway. Of course, it was dark and we only had phones, thus the picture sucked. That wasn’t the point. The goal was to try something new in our life and see if we enjoyed it.

Clearly we enjoyed it. This lead to getting more signs and better quality pictures. Night pictures are very hard to take with a phone maybe impossible. We used the head lights of the car but they over expose the person or the sign. Eventually we decided to try taking them during the day or at least at dusk. This resulted in much better pictures and overall more fun. Turns out I enjoy the risk of getting seen.

Interestingly we have not tired of this act. Yes, a basic stop sign in the middle of nowhere isn’t much fun anymore. But the same stop sign during the day when there are cars passing is a lot of fun. But a nice rainbow across a street or field is a great opportunity and if a car or two sees oh well.

I have posed at pretty much every kind of sign. I have edged next to most signs. I have edged and masturbated next to signs as well as in rest areas. I don’t mean in the bathrooms. Sitting at a table right next to the highway. That was a rush.

We have taken pictures in parking lots of well known business. There is a picture of me in Safeway on the home page of this site.

slave pumping gas naked

The most intense picture we have taken was at a gas station. I got out of the car fully nude and pumped gas. I did not stand there till it was done, sorry fear won that round. I did start the pump. Then got back out to put it away when it was done. Completely nude under all the bright station lights. I’m pretty sure no one saw. It was very late at night or early morning and the gas station was empty other than the employee who never seemed to turn around. My Master and I try not to let kids see. That feels wrong to us.

It’s been a few years now and I still very much enjoy posing for nude pictures outside. The more interesting place the better. Future plans are to travel around and get pictures at state welcome signs and national monuments.

Give it a try… you never know you might love it.

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