Nov - 23, 2016

Today during my shower I peed on my chest and arms!

I was tasked with peeing on myself. Seems like an easy task, I mean kids do it every day. Surprisingly it’s not as easy for an adult. The flow just doesn’t want to start.

urinating on self

During my morning shower, I was to lay down on the floor of the shower and pee on my chest and arms. At that time, I did not have to pee on my face but I have a feeling that will be happening at some point. It is first thing in the morning, so I do have to pee. I lay down on the floor of the shower and point my penis up at my chest.

Nothing happens… I just lay there.

I decide to turn my aim away for a minute. That works. I start peeing away from my self and then turn my aim and cover my chest and arms with warm pee.

Warm pee? Yes, it’s just a little warmer than the shower and yes, I really peed on myself. I had the water on thus it was also flowing or more like splashing on to my chest. I had moved the shower nozzle to the side a little so as not to have the water directly on me. I figured that would allow a better saturation of pee. If I did not do a good enough job my Master would just make me do it again. Never want to disappoint the Master.

The fresh water slowly mixed with the fresh pee and ran down my sides and into the drain.

I laid there and watch the yellow liquid running over my body trying to focus on the feelings. There wasn’t much of a feeling. Sure, you felt warm liquid running over you but it is mostly water. It’s not like it was acid or hot wax. There was a smell but nothing to intense. My guess is the clean water also reduced the scent of the pee. I knew it was pee, I could smell that it was pee and I could see that it was pee but nothing seemed gross about it.

There was more of an emotional feeling. I was after all laying on the floor of a shower peeing on myself. There was a little shock, a little disbelief, a little discussed, but mostly a rush from doing something so taboo.

My mind was focused more on what it would feel like on my face or in my mouth. No, I did not try. That was not my task. It’s one thing to be ordered to pee on yourself. It’s something completely different to just randomly pee on your own face.

I kind of wanted someone to watch. It is much less humiliating if no one knows you’re doing it. At the same time, I was very glad no one was watching. Can you image laying on the floor and peeing all over yourself while people watched?

Overall it was a pleasant experience from the point that I like to doing humiliating stuff. I’m ready to do it again whenever my Master asks. I am fine with peeing on my face. I’m willing to try peeing in my mouth. Not sure how well that will work till I try.

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