Nov - 27, 2017

First experiences in a penis cage.

panis locked in a metal cage

I was pretty turned on one day and in the mood to try some light bondage. I found myself on Amazon looking at cages. I asked the Master about one and she wasn’t very interested but was willing to try telling me to wear one. It turns out that my thoughts got the better of me and I picked a chrome cage with a catheter and anal plug. It looked very impressive and restrictive.

There was a large metal rod coming from the ring that goes at the base of the penis. This large rod then ran to your ass where a plug was attached. You could slide it in and out to adjust the distance from your penis to your asshole. The first issue was that rod. It is very hard to sit on anything even moderately solid with that rod pressing into you. Might be good when chained to a wall but it sucked when sitting in a chair.

The next issue was the size of the anal plug. It just didn’t fit me well. I am still working on enlarging my anus and find that hard, large objects create more discomfort then pleasure.

At this stage, the Master had not mentioned the catheter tube, so I decided not to bring it up. I wore this for a few hours but I really didn’t enjoy it. The Master thought it looked to painful and wasn’t into it. We tried it two or three more times with the same results. Our lack of enjoyment caused us to put the new toy away for a few months and kind of forget about it.

Like a slave forgets about anything…

I still liked the idea of wearing a penis cage. I talked to the Master and she was willing to let me purchase another one and give it another go. I headed back to Amazon and started looking at pictures. The lack of detail on fitment and quality rather sucks for these things. I held off purchasing anything for a few days and spent some time reading on a few forums. Didn’t find much useful information and went back to Amazon still not knowing what was best.

The plastic ones look much more comfortable but I am drawn to the metal ones. I ended up picking almost the same model but without the anal plug. This one came with 3 different size rings for attaching it around the base of the penis. I liked this idea as I figured it would create more comfort. I neglected to check the length, more on that later.

Once it arrived I tried on the two larger of the three rings. The medium one probably fits the best for short term play. It is rather tight providing more support for the cage and less flexibility. For long term use the larger ring seems better for me. The cage sits a little lower but this allows more flexibility to push the cage to the side when wearing pants and bending down.

The issue with this model is the rings. They have a hinge at the bottom center that will pinch skin. I have to kind of keep a finger under there as I close the ring to keep the skin away. This is much easier to do on the larger ring. As you move around throughout the day skin likes to get caught in this area and somehow get pinched. I know the hinge doesn’t move once its locked but it has some sharp edges that find ways to pinch and pull. The larger loop caused the least discomfort in this regards. Should be noted that after trying these rings on and finding the pinching issue I took them off and headed for the garage. I took a flat file to every sharp corner I found. The file damaged the chrome finish but I did not care. This is a toy to wear not something to sit on a shelf. Filing the edged did a lot to increase the comfort level.

Back to the size of the cage. It was just too long. I could almost fit in the cage length wise with an erection. This extra length made it harder to fit inside pants and kept the tube from going very far into my penis. I was afraid that my penis might have had enough room to come completely out of the catheter tube. The look also drove me crazy. I like the idea of stuff making my penis look smaller as it is embarrassing. Not the case in this situation. The length of the cage just made it seem like I had plenty of room for my penis to run free. This ended up being an easy fix. I got some channel locks from the garage and carefully bent the rings closer together till it was the right length for my short penis.

I am very happy with the diameter of the rings. My penis fits in them rather well. I must be soft and even than I have to work it into each ring. It’s not tight, it’s just that a soft penis doesn’t push into stuff very well. Several times I have gotten hard trying to put it on. Of course, then it simply won’t fit. When this happens, my Master has me cum into my hand as fast as possible and then eat the cum. I swallow, but do not rinse my mouth out till the cage is on. Master should probably make me hold the cum in my mouth till the cage is on since an orgasm was not part of the plan. I have no issues getting the cage on after.

That Catheter Tube!

Strangely, I want to use the catheter tube. I have only used the tube once at this point but the Master and I plan to make it a regular thing.

I apply a generous amount of lubrication to the tube and put a little inside my penis. The tube burns as it goes in, but it is a manageable burn. The thought of putting a catheter inside my penis for my Masters pleasure outweighs the burning.

Once it is in the penis everything is pretty much fine. Till it moves. Everyone knows a penis changes size. Well as it grows larger and smaller the tube is slide in or out of the penis causing the burning sensation. I enjoy this burning. It’s not terrible, but its plenty to be aware of the metal shaft inside one’s penis. I loved the reminder.

I also enjoy the lock bouncing on the cage. As you walk around there is a jingle similar to change in your pocket but different enough to know it’s not change. I loved this sound. I am hoping my Master will take me to a shopping mall or some other public place while wearing the cage. I love the thought of others hearing that sound. I am sure no one will know what it is, but my mind still runs amuck with wild thoughts.

I fully expected removing the cage to be the end of the experience. It’s so not. My penis looks the same and feels the same on the outside once it is removed. But not the inside. Wow, does it burn to use the restroom after wearing the catheter tube. The first time was rather painful but each time after got less so. Again, I enjoyed this burning. It was a reminder of the time wearing the cage and the humiliation and emotions came flooding back in.

I did verify that I could not orgasm in the cage. Standing in front of my Master I had to try. I played with as much of my penis as I could touch and worked my ass. I was very aroused and wanted to orgasm but I was not able to make it happen. The restriction and pain level was enough to stop any orgasms for this slave.

In summary, I am enjoying the cage after adjusting it to fit better. We are using caution in wearing it for more than a day at a time and even less for the catheter tube. I am not sure of any long-term issue or risk for infections. When buying one I would read any details on the size and try to find one that is close to my size and remember the hinge. The next one I buy will have something covering that hinge.

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