Nov - 30, 2016

Sitting to pee…

My Master is a female and thus sits to pee.
I’m her bitch so therefore its logical that I should sit to pee.

Male sitting on toilet

My Master gave me a new rule this week. I am to sit to pee like the bitch I am. I am to pull my pants down to my ankles and keep my legs spread. Since my body does not belong to me I don’t need privacy. I must leave the door bathroom door open and if anyone wants to watch I am to let them.

After standing to pee for almost 40 years it is a very different feeling to sit. Your body is kind of trained to do other stuff when you sit.

I don’t mind sitting. I don’t like that everyone must think I am not just peeing. I have no idea why I care but I don’t like knowing that people think that. Leaving the door open just makes it worse. Everyone who walks by the bathroom can see my pants down, my legs spread and me sitting there not just peeing.

Public restrooms are another experience all together. Men’s bathrooms are a mess. You want to feel bad for a woman. Trying using only public restrooms and sitting in them. At least the women’s toilets are peed on less than men’s. Think about the floor in the men’s restroom. Men’s aim sucks. Maybe all men should sit. The floors would be a lot cleaner.

Anyway, when you pull your pants down past your ankles they tend to bunch up and want to rest on the floor. Yes, that nasty floor. Just adds another layer of complication to amuse my Master.

I find that I tend to wait a lot longer to use the restroom. I guess it fair that the restrooms are dirty since I did not have to deal with it for over 30 years.

For those who have not read my rules, you may not know that I am also not allowed to touch my penis. I am allowed to push it down low enough so as not to pee on the floor while sitting but that’s it. Think about shaking afterwards. I simply stop peeing and let the rest dibble out as it wants to. Most of the time this results in a few drops running down my leg. Underwear would be nice to stop this, but nope not me. Underwear or pants but never both.

Overall I enjoy the rule. I know I shouldn’t but I do. It’s an easy thing to do for my Master. It’s something that makes me think about her even more times a day. It’s a humiliating task, at least for me. That all makes it very enjoyable.

Update: Rule was amended to require a photograph. Yep, everytime I use the bathroom I am to sit with my pants below my ankles, doors open and take a selfy.

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