April - 26, 2017

What is a Sex Slave?

In a simple sentence a sex slave is, someone who is owned or controlled by another person for the purposes of sexual pleasure.

male sex slave with hair brush in their ass

A sexual submissive is probably a better term for what many people call a sex slave. Most people partaking in a sex slave relationship are not what the news refers to as a sex slave. These are not people taken against their will and sold into slavery.

A Sex Slave can be male or female. The Sex Slave assumes a subordinate manner and preforms sexual acts for the dominant partner often referred to as a Master. In some relationships, the slave is treated like a pet or child.

A sex slave is not someone completely forced into captivity, however at times they may be held captive.

A sex slave is normally a voluntary position. I asked to be a sex slave. I am not free to make decisions like when to wear clothes, what kind of underwear or when to masturbate. As a slave my master has taken control of those parts of my life. In the picture above I was told to clean the bathroom with a brush in my ass and to keep it there the entire time. This is a simple act of obedience. I had been lax in following the rules and needed to be reminded that I was a servant.

Sex slaves or Submissive have a deep desire to give up some part of their will, power or decisions.

They want to be forced past the limits to do things they would not on their own. For example, I love to be told to masturbate. I was afraid of that word and the thought of someone knowing I did it was horrifying. I was never willing to talk to my wife about masturbation. After years, I finally learned how to express my thoughts and eventually our relationship grew. At the same time the thought of being forced to masturbate in front of another person is a huge rush. I dream about getting caught masturbating but was afraid to let it happen. Years later that is something my Master controls. I never masturbate without her permission and typically do it in front of her.

There isn’t a global set of rules that all Sex Slaves follow. Every Master and Slave make up the rules as they go. You can read my rules on the rules page of this website. It’s about a deeper bond and a deep level of trust. The Master has the power to get someone to do pretty much anything they want, while at the same time the slave gets to act out any fantasy the master can think of. There is no fear of judgement since the slave isn’t acting on their own thoughts. This gives the slave a freedom to focus more on the experience and simple enjoy the rush from pushing their limits. For the Master, they get to have a personal toy. If the Master wants to have sex right now, they can. If the Master wants to watch their slave cook dinner naked, so be it.

It important for the Master to truly know the slave and what the slave likes or dislikes and well as enjoys. A slave may say they don’t like this but at the same time their body may say otherwise. The Master should be alert and Intune to what the slave truly wants. For one slave, it may seem insane to be seen naked in front of others. While at the same time another slave loves that idea.

I would like to be forced to spend more time naked in front of others. My Master cares about what others think and doesn’t want to offend them. Thus, I am seldom naked in front of other people. Regardless, I want to be forced naked. I would love to be told to strip down in front of a room full of people. I trust my Master to decide when that is an appropriate action.

One commonality in most sex slave relationships is to define the limits.

Master and slave need to talk about these limits and decided what each of them is willing to do. These limits should be reviewed often and openly talked about. I know that my limits change very often. As we push the limit on one thing the idea of the next starts to seem like fun. My Master and I have a clearly defined a limit of no other people. My Master and I are happily married and believe in a Christion marriage. It is a sin for us to allow other people into that bed. Therefore, you will not see us participating in any tasks that would violate basic rules of marriage.

What is a sex slave? Its more than playing a game, its less than being kidnaped and sold into slavery. It is a life style and a choice. It is being in a loving, trusting relationship where both participants are focused on the needs of the other.

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