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Sex Slave Daily Rules

Bathroom - Who needs privacy.

You will sit to pee like the bitch you are. Your pants will be pulled down to your ankles and your legs spread. Your body is not your thus you have no need for privacy. You will not shut the bathroom or stall door for any reason. If someone is watching let them watch.

Businesses - Handle your business.

The first time you enter a place of business with a public restroom. You will find the restroom, drop your pants to the floor, and edge. You should not be in the stall when possible (use your discretion so you don’t get arrested). The master wants a nice photo album of your adventures so you must provide a photo.

Chores - Can be entertaining.

There is no reason to wear clothing while feeding the animals or cleaning the pond. So don't. Unless a friend or family member is visiting you will be naked while doing your morning chores.

Clothing - Clothing is not needed.

You will wear pants or underwear but never both. If Master is gone or when child is home, you are to be in a shirt and underwear (unless otherwise instructed). If a friend or family members comes over, you may put on pants or underwear. When master is home and child is gone, inside or outside does not matter you will be naked at all times. Hotels are to be treated the same as your home, you will be naked when in the hotel.

When sitting at your desk you will be naked from the waste down.
You like your thongs and they are perfectly legal, so show them off by answering the door in them.
If you ask if you should put on pants you can get fully naked and answer the door.

Driving - Clothing is not needed to drive a car.

If master is in the car, you will remove ALL clothing. This clearly means no shirt.
If master is not with you, you will lower you pants below your knees (unless otherwise instructed by Master).
Pulling over is a waste of time so if you are not in your home town you will dress and undress outside of the vehicle. If you do not remember to do this, you will receive a severe punishment. Stop asking every time we leave the house. Follow the rules.

*Rest areas provide an additional opportunity for fun.
You will tell your master when you see a rest area sign and she will decide if you will have additional tasks.

Exercising - Better stay in shape for Master.

All exercising will be done fully nude, no exceptions. Three days a week you will work upper body and remember to edge between sets. Other days you will do 16 mins on the bowflex. Might as well make your dick hard during this as well.
You will need to keep your ass in shape as well. 5 minutes of anal stimulation, face down and ass up, at least 2 times a week should do it.

Hygiene - Your ass is not yours.

ASS - The master wants it kept clean. Every other time you shower: Lay on tub with feet up on the wall washing your ass inside and out with soap.
HAIR - You will keep your hair trimmed (facial, pubic, and anal) at all times. You need to trim it at least once a week.

Internet - What is normal anyway.

You will not be reading or engaging in anything sexual online (forums, blogs or websites) unless given permission by your Master. I’m sure she won’t mind the research, just ask. This site and literotica forum excluded.

Masturbation - Your Orgasm is not yours.

You will not masturbate without asking. When your Master allows you to masturbate, you will do so in front of the Master. If allowed to cum you are required to eat all of it until you learn to enjoy the taste of your own cum. Three times per day slave will edge fully nude in front of master and at least once the slave will be face down and ass up.

Edging: You will masturbate to the point of precum without full ejaculation.
Full ejaculation will result in punishment. Finger or other object needs to be in your ass.

Photographs - Without a picture it did not happen.

All of your activities must be photographed. You will keep all photographs on your computer in an easy to find directory. All photos of the master must be stored in the vault and deleted from the trash. You may not take any pictures of the master without her permission.

Additional: - Not every rule fits above.

camera iconWhen slave receives a text message with a camera emoji the slave has two minutes to get his penis hard, take a picture of it, and return it to the master. Master does not care what slave is doing or where they are. If slave fails a random punishment will be chosen.

plumb icon When slave hears the word plum he will drop his pants showing his penis to the Master. Slave may immediatly pull his pants up, not having to wait to be told to do so.

no touchSlave will not touch his penis without permission. You will sit to pee or pee outside leaving you no reason to touch it. It is no longer yours, leave it alone.

poop iconAnything that goes in the slaves ass must go in the slaves mouth after removal for immediate cleaning.