Do Sex Slave's enjoy the control?

Yes, I really do enjoy the control, but I am more of a submissive then a slave.

Each slave/submissive is going to be different and what they enjoy will be different. A great master will not just abuse their submissive. They will take the time to get to know the submissive and learn what the submissive wants and enjoys. The master should be Intune to how the submissive responds.

  1. Is the submissive getting aroused?
  2. Has the submissive asked for this?
  3. Has the submissive hinted at wanting to try this?
  4. Is the submissive close to an orgasm?
submissive slave nude at Safeway

Communication is the key, rather it is audible or visual. The master should actually to the submissive and learn what they prefer. Some submissive might enjoy being hurt. That might get them aroused. Personally I don’t. I’m into humiliation and public events. I really don’t care to wear a collar or be tied up when sitting around the house. My master knows this and uses that type of activity as a punishment. Telling me to take my clothes off in Safeway would never work as a punishment. I love the rush. That’s a reward for me. If I am good and obey all my rules, then my master will order me to do something in public. I get aroused at the thought.

A true slave is a little different in that they have one goal. To please their master. They have lost all free will. I’m not sure how many people desire that level of control but I am sure there are some. In this situation the master should show signs of being pleased to reward the slave. This will require the same type of communication.

Should the master feel ashamed?

No, never… Remember the submissive asked for this and is enjoying it. If the master is in tune and not purposely being abusive there is no reason to feel bad. They should take joy in the pleasure they are providing for their partner. This is an activity that both participants want and enjoy. If as the master, you are having trouble with the treatment then talk about it. My master can clearly see if I am enjoying it. What the master enjoys will be different then the slave. If the master liked being controlled, they would not be the master and cannot be the master. In this manner the master cannot fully understand how the slave feels about the treatment. What is bad for one is good for the other.

Whatever you’re into make sure it consensual. Clearly you’re in a committed relation and communication should not be an issue. Use your desires to increase the bond between you. If you can openly talk about anal abuse, public masturbation or eating cum; how can you not talk about anything. This openness should grow you closer as a married couple and help bond you for life.