What is sex slave ideas? is currently an idea tool. My Master had trouble coming up with ideas for me (her slave) to perform. I never have issues with ideas. But it’s not much fun for the slave to always have to tell the Master to make them do this or that. Pretty much kills the mood. We decided to write down my ideas and then let the Master pick from those ideas at random.

We broke them down into 3 categories. Yes, there could be more but for now this works for us.

Task: A task is any activity that might be fun for the master or the slave. Typically, these are not extreme and can often be done over and over. An example of a task would be to make your slave write out a masturbation fantasy and read it out loud to the Master. You would not want to make your slave do that every day, but once a month might be fun.

Punishment: A punishment is just what it sounds like. Slaves need to be disciplined. When a slave does not follow the rules the Master needs to punish them. Punishments can be hard for the Master. Using our tool, the Master can randomly pick a punishment and not feel guilty. It’s the slaves fault for not listening after all.

Reward: A reward is a treat for the slave. It is possible that the slave will behave and complete all the tasks. If so then the Master might want to give them a reward. Such as: Slave is free to read anything online for 1 hour.

On the home page you simply click the corresponding button and a new activity will be pulled at random. Yes, it is possible to get the same one twice. It is random. If that happens or if you don’t like the activity you are free to click away till you find what you’re looking.

Remember these are ideas. You and your slave are free to adjust them to meet your needs. There is no way I could know all situations or all desires. I figure putting mine online might help you figure out some of your own.

My Slave Journal?

I spent some time reading online about BDSM relationships and noticed that a journal is a common task for sex slaves or submissives. This gave me the idea to ask my Master about keeping a journal. She was all for the idea. Be warned, I am not a writer. I greatly prefer numbers to words. I’m not writing a book. I’m not looking for spelling lessons. I’m simply putting my thoughts into words.

The journal section of contains these thoughts and emotions. It’s meant for my Master to learn more about what I do and do not enjoy. Communication is very important between a slave and their master. If you’re not open, you cannot grow to learn what each other truly wants in the relationship.

Sometimes I will be given specific things to write about, other times I will write about tasks or activities I performed in the last week or so. Whatever it is, it should be an experience. I get an archive of stuff I have done. I get to relieve the feelings I had and you get more ideas. Remember that all slaves are different. Sure I may have enjoyed something, that doesn’t mean your slave will. Talk to your slave about it, use my ideas to build your relationship.